Twilight Zone: “You’re the Devil!”

It's cold, dark, and wintry just now, so obviously I'm watching old Twilight Zone episodes (from the original series run) to feel cheery and festive.

In any case, I was watching the episode "Escape Clause" when I thought to GIF this brief reaction.

A man laughingly accuses someone (offscreen) of being the devil, with a scolding wag of his finger

video2gif command

video2gif Media/TV/The\ Twilight\ Zone\ \(1959\)/Season\ 1/Twilight\ Zone\ S01E06.mkv twilight-zone-escape-clause-youre-the-devil.gif -s 8:45.3333 -t 3 -p 32 -f source_fps -F "SF Pro Text" -V Black -T "You're the devil\!" -S 33 --contrast 1.25 --gamma 1.4 -B 4 -w 720 --crop-w iw*0.75